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Huizhou King Star Opto-Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufactures a wide range of LED lighting products for commercial, industrial and outdoor applications

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  • Phone: +86 752 7217636
  • Mobile: +86 18926057909
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    Kingstar Industrial Park, No. 169, Xikeng Village, Huihuan Street, Zhongkai High-Tech Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Kingstar Lighting is vertically integrated lighting manufacturer that offers a wide range of LED lighting products for commercial, industrial and outdoor applications. Founded in 2008, Kingstar started as an SMD LED package manufacturer in Shenzhen and has expanded its product portfolio ever since. In 2015 Kingstar set up a 30,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Huizhou to improve its order fulfillment capabilities and strengthen its research and development infrastructure. From product development, customization competence and private label manufacturing, to project management of turnkey lighting solutions, Kingstar's integrated manufacturing solutions continuously drive financial, environmental, and business value.

Kingstar carries two quality line of products that that have been rigorously engineered, manufactured and tested for years of dependable performance while providing significant, measurable energy savings. The company's catalogue of interior lighting products include LED linear slot lights, linear trunking systems, LED tri-proof lights, UFO high bay lights, linear high bay lights, LED troffers, LED panel lights, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED rigid light bars and flexible LED strips. In 2014 Kingstar launched its line of outdoor lighting fixtures to offer LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, LED wall washers, LED architectural spotlights, LED handrails and linear architectural lights. Engineered and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and the exacting specifications required by customers, Kingstar's products offer a dynamic blend of technology, innovation and sustainability.

With a complete range of in-house capabilities across all dimensions of design and utility including engineering, mechanical, thermal and packaging engineering, Kingstar maintains an unsurpassed understanding of lighting manufacturing and brings to the market a stream of production innovations. The sophisticated infrastructure of production facilities and engineering capabilities ensures great product design, economies of scale, and consistency in quality control.
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